Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Back in the day, I totally listened to Urge Overkill and I am not EVEN givin' a fuck who knows about it. They were just good, straightforward midwestern rock n' roll as far as I was concerned and I recall rocking out to them in wild abandon. Like when I was in college or so. After college, I moved to Chicago - this was like 1997 and Lounge Ax, this awesome grungy rectangular spot where all of these grungy hardcore and grunge bands would play, was still open. I remember going to see Rachel's play a show there in November, by myself, and how some dude came up to me when I was waiting on the platform for the Ravenswood line train at the Belmont station and asked if I had just come from the show. I admitted to it. He said something about how one of their albums, Music for Egon Schiele, had "saved his life" after "last year". I think I said something like, "yeah, they're good. they were really good tonight..." And that was the end of that. Of course that has nothing to do with Urge Overkill, Lounge Ax, Chicago or anything really. But I'm not EVEN givin' a fuck.