Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dan Fogelberg

Such hits! Run for the Roses, Leader of the Band - these are seminal favorites...but Dan Fogelberg inspires a certain amount of ambivalence in me. I remember his jams piping through my parents' car speakers on epic drives we'd take when I was a kid. The radio was always tuned to an easy listening station. I long railed against this "easy listening" tag as many of the "songs" they play on such stations are actually quite difficult to listen to.

this started out to be a post about my ambivalence toward Dan Fogelberg, but it isn't that anymore. Now it's about how I have 900 things to do at work and lack the focus to accomplish even 90 of them. about how I feel estranged from friends. and about how beautiful the weather is here in San Francisco right now. about how even with a linksys update my computer keeps dislodging itself from the internet.

about how I went to karaoke on Monday night and shared a moment with my friend S. about the Eagles' song "I Can't Tell You Why" and how it's amazing and totally the best Eagles song by far. or the heat wave and the park and how everyone went. even me. I sat down and ate a burrito with a group of strangers (friends you've just not met yet - actually friends of a friend) while they shot the shit. about the cops and how they said the park was "closed down" and we should move on.

about my sanctimonious housemate about the stars I saw right before the end of 2008 about time I had a place to lay my head without worry and without trouble and about time I changed my shoes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

big lunch

I was fantasizing earlier about eating spaghetti and layer cake and having movie marathon. This may have led to my having eaten a real big lunch. I had some cauliflower dahl soup, two chicken tenders, some brown rice and one deviled egg.

I am about to bust and I feel dizzy.