Monday, June 15, 2009

on the DL

My old buddy D.L. was in town for a few days to do his opera thing: Lieder Alive

We went to a party on Friday night and it was really fun. I wanted to hang out more but he was busy doing opera fund raising types of things. I found out he missed his flight home on Sunday morning and so hopped on my bike and rode it (and walked it partways) to the Marina where he was staying. This in itself was an adventure. The weather was amazing and I saw parts and aspects of San Francisco that maybe I never have before...sure the Marina area is full of frat and sorority throw-backs, but that doesn't change how lovely it is.

We took a walk and smoked a joint. We went around the SF Yacht club parking lot to the wave organ

I guess it was low tide though because we couldn't hear much through the pipes. Still I liked the walk and I think D. thought it was pretty cool. It's a nice spot. I went there last year and then afterwards we all got sandwiches and ate them near this putting green and an old dude harassed us and started saying how he missed his daughter and we felt bad for him sort of but still wanted him to just leave.

Afterwards we went to some bars and started acting like we were back to 18 and 19 saying things like, "dude I am really fucked up."

Later, I rode my bike on the sidewalk of Van Ness Ave. for most of the way home. When I passed the Matterhorn I longed once again for the day that I may eat the fondue that they offer.

When I got home I watched an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and went to sleep.

It's awesome that D.L. and I are still friends after all of these years. He even pointed out how we're probably family by now. And I think that we probably are.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have I told you lately...

that I am not EVEN givin a fuck? Well, that's the case. I went to the movies this past Sunday and saw Star Trek (my dad used to call it "Star Drek"). I thought it was pretty ok, but the smugness of Kirk put me off again. As it always has. I guess it isn't entirely William Shatner's fault - it's the character. This after I saw the actor who plays Kirk this time in a magazine photo spread where he had donned a white summer suit and I think maybe even some seersucker (both majorly awesome). After Star Trek, my movie-going hunger was not satiated, so I suggested we see Drag Me to Hell knowing full well that my squeamish self cannot handle that shit. Suffice to say - I was terrified by that movie; it's really good. I will not be viewing another horror movie until the 20's. This was only my 2nd one of the aughts (the first was The Ring which I saw with Anna Luckey at the multiplex in Long Island City and which kept me up all night and caused me to move the VCR to another part of the living room farthest from my bedroom door). All I can say is that the shadows and the goat in DMTH tore me up.

In other news, I have moved to a new apartment in the Castro district. I am very pleased to have moved away from my former roommates - those self-serving sanctimonious bitchez - and to be more centrally located. There are many uncharted sandwiches to sample. I will bravely and proudly explore.